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Winter Warming Tips for Your Rochester, Minnesota Home  Drapes, Sun and Replacement Windows

Winter Warming Tips for Your Rochester, Minnesota Home Drapes, Sun and Replacement Windows

You’ve already taken care of the caulking and weatherstripping around your replacement windows and doors before the cold hits Rochester, so what else can you do to keep your home cozy with chilly temps?

Drafty replacement windows and doors are not only comfort-inhibitors, they may be costing you money each as the heated air inside your home goes outdoors and the cold outside air makes its way indoors. Here are a couple tips to help keep those drafts away:

  • Welcome the sun. When the sun is shining during the day, be sure you have your curtains open to let in natural light and warmth. It typically works best with south-facing windows, but don’t let that restrict you when it comes to adding a bit of extra natural light and warmth from your home’s other replacement windows.

  • Consider buying replacement windows. If you have drafty old windows it might be time to replace them out with new energy efficient windows to improve your comfort and help decrease heating and cooling costs.

  • Utilize thick drapes. Taking advantage of heavier fabrics for drapes helps to add another barrier for your home, helping to keep drafts out and warm air in. Couple these with blinds and shades for an even bigger warming effect.

  • Hang floor-length drapes. Using floor length drapes in door openings is somewhat forgotten, but can offer you the chance to keep drafts from rooms or different floors at bay. If there are places in your home that don’t need to be heated all the time, there are a number of stylish ways to incorporate these drapes in to your home. 

Keeping a cozy home in Rochester is essential when winter weather can be unpredictable, so why not take advantage of your replacement windows to help take on that challenge. If you’d like to hear more about all of the replacement windows available from Pella Windows and Doors, drop by the Rochester showroom, give us a call at 507-847-1060 or arrange an in-home consultation with the online scheduler.

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